Autocephalous Metropolia in the apostolic lineage of the Patriarchate of Alexandria
(Colombia- Central and South America)



The Church of the Holy Faith of the Christian East is an autocephalous Metropolia in the apostolic lineage of the Patriarchate of Alexandria. Our ministry is directed to every kind of people, regardless of the cultural, ethnic or linguistic heritage. In addition to the established Parishes and Missions in Colombia, Central and South America, we continue growing by meeting with both spiritual and temporal needs.
We are an Orthodox Christian Church with both Eastern and Western components. As a daughter church of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria, we are canonically and historically rooted in the traditions of this venerable jurisdiction.

Our Mission-as commanded by Christ Himself, delivering the Gospel «to all peoples», regardless of ethnic, linguistic, racial or cultural background. Consequently, our Parishes and Missions reflect a rich mosaic having every kind of people. In order to fulfill with our responsibilities with Christ and the Gospel, a large majority of our Parishes and Missions have a modern worship. We are, however, open to accept and provide ministries in other languages to reflect specific needs in the multi-cultural milieu of Colombia and the whole world.

Vocationally, we are open to the personal aspirations of the individual whenever they fulfill with both the academic and spiritual requirements as well as the ones that are canonically necessary.

We don’t believe nor we accept that a bishop (primate) to be infallible, but that He will be supported and strengthened for his decisions by means of Bishops’ Synod. That’s why every candidate to be consecrated as a bishop within the Church, must be the result of the general decision of the Bishops’ Synod.

Following the Apostolic Norms and the Canons of the Early Church, we understand that within the same political of civil jurisdiction there must not be necessary nor convenient to have more than one bishop or more bishops than regular priests, because we are not a Bishops’ Factory.

We acknowledge that in current world, some of the 85 Apostolic Rules must be applied with wisdom and prudence.
As a Church, we publicly reject every pedophilous fact affecting the innocence of infants; and individually every clergy or candidate must declare before the Notary Public his reject to ever non-moral act attempting against children


The Church of the Holy Faith of the Christian East – as a missionary-oriented Orthodox Christian Church – is theologically traditionalist, upholding the inspiration of Scriptures, the teachings of the Church Fathers, the theological determinations of the Seven Ecumenical Councils (best summarized in the non adultered Nicene Creed) and the spirit of the Holy Canons as interpreted for local usage.

What we believe is expressed through the Sacramental life of the Church in worship and prayer, reflecting the various and devout spiritual customs of the Orthodox Christian faithful we serve to, following the established traditions of the Rite East Orthodox Church.

Each of our Parish Churches or Missions celebrate according to the Old Style (Julian) Calendar or New Style (Gregorian) Calendar (based on needs) and we are governed according to or «Council Ruled» model. Reflecting the fullness of the Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Orthodox faith, we have both Eastern and Western Rite ministries; that’s why we believe that worshiping God must be a spiritual expression eliciting freely from faith something that allows us, enabled by our Synod to use different liturgies preserving the essence of what was given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ “Take and eat, this is my body that will be delivered for all of you for the forgiveness of the sins. Then He took the cup full of wine and said Take and drink from it that this is my blood that will be dropped for all of you for the forgiveness of the sins. Do this in remembrance of mine


As a church dedicated to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, we always seek the growth cored in the Spirit. In our world, especially in our heretic, stressful culture of «consume, secularism, and ‘me-first’ ideologies» that has seized our society including many mainstream denominations, we offer the faith that the Apostles passed to us. It is a faith that requires «acceptance of a transcendent moral authority, a commitment with regular prayer and worship, a belief in absolute truth and an allegiance to objective standards of conduct». If you have been disenchanted or feel defrauded by churches where ‘political correctness’ and ‘feel good’ religion, instead of the Holy Gospel, are the central theme, then we invite you to share and worship with us.


May the blessing of   God the Father,  God the Son, and   God the Holy Spirit be with you now and forever more.  Amen.


Metropolitan Central and South America
Church of the Holy Faith of the Christian East



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